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Welcome to my homepage. You can find here almost all my costumes and also some other things.

The section "costumes" is divided into several parts. In "fantasy" are costumes I have started with. As the name of this HP suggests, Tolkien's work has strongly influenced me. Anorwen is an elven name and I have it for a long time - since 1994. And thanks to Lord of the Rings and it's movie version I have started with sewing in 2002, for I wanted to bring a piece of that wonderful world into our reality.
In "historical" you can find costumes for historical fencing groups. And "Slavs" is my latest long-term project. It is an attempt to recreate garb and its acessories as it was worn in the realm of Great Moravia in 9th century AD.

Except of the cardinal "costumes" section there are also "accessories", "links" with interesting and useful sites and "contact" in case you want to contact me.

And finally something about me: except of costuming I like horses and also draw them, I read (mostly) fantasy, learn archery. And I have almost no time for all that now, because we have since january 2008 daughter Jelena :).


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